01-08 Porsche 911 996TT/997 Agency Power Header - AP-996TT-175

01-08 Porsche 911 996TT/997 Agency Power Header - AP-996TT-175
Item# AP-996TT-175
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Product Description

Authentic Agency Power Header:

01-05 Porsche 996TT
07-09 Porsche 997TT

* Brand new in the box, 100% authentic Agency Power products

* All necessary parts for installation will be included

* Stainless Steel

* Not actual picture*



Agency Power Stainless Steel Header:

Agency Power has developed a selection of products that set the standards for Porsche turbo tuning. All new, the Agency Power Porsche 996TT 997TT headers fit the 2001 and up turbo vehicles. Made from 321 Stainless Steal, the headers are complete polished. Flanges are laser cut for a precision fit. Each header features a highly engineered collector to keep your turbo spooling faster then stock while creating additional horsepower and torque. Tested on a 2001 996TT with factory K16 turbos, these headers added almost 10 wheel horsepower.  As tested on a 997TT, the headers gained almost 20 ft/lbs of torque.  In addition to improving performance, the headers also change the tone of your vehicle. Adding a deeper sound and making the turbo whistle more audible. Headers will fit the standard 996TT model or the X50/Turbo S model using the K24 turbos.  They are also a direct fit to the 997TT.