Defi Advance BF Water Temperature Gauge White - DF10501

Defi Advance BF Water Temperature Gauge White - DF10501
Item# DEFI-DF10501
MSRP: $262.00
Sale price: $236.99

Product Description

Authentic Defi-Link Meter Gauge:



* Brand new in the box, 100% authentic Defi products.

* Flat glass and precise graduation scale give more needle accuracy and high visibility.

* 200% brighter than the old BF Gauge, 5 Levels of brightness adjustment.

* Water Temperature Gauge (20C to 120C)

* Not actual picture*


Defi-Link Meter Advance BF Unit:

Feast your eye's upon Defi's new Advance BF series 60mm gauges which will reward you with their great response and reliable readings. The stealthy tinted black gauge face covers are flat for maximum visibility at any angle. Fire up your car and enjoy Defi's signature sweeping ceremony as the gauges light up a bright white, amber, or blue that is up to 200% brighter than regular BF. The new advance series replaces the popular Link BF series. The new Advance series features a wired remote for the control unit, more durable plugs and a host of features. One control unit can handle up to 6 gauges and allows for easy feature adjustment.