00-02 Honda Accord Tein Mono Flex Damper Kit - GSA26-F1SS1

00-02 Honda Accord Tein Mono Flex Damper Kit - GSA26-F1SS1
Item# TE-GSA26-F1SS1
MSRP: $1,970.00
Sale price: $1,705.99

Product Description

Authentic TEIN Damper / Coilover kit:

00-02 Honda Accord Euro-R


* Brand new in the box, 100% authentic TEIN products.

* Steel Construction with Mono tube construction.

* Ride height adjustable

* 16 way adjustable dampers, compression and rebound combined.

* Package come complete with adjustable shock absorber x4, Main spring x4, Pillow ball upper mount x4, Bump Rubber x4, Hook spanner x2, Dust cover, and Instruction manual.

* Not actual picture*



TEIN Sport Spec Winding Master Mono Flex Kit:

The MONO FLEX coilover kit has been developed for entry-level competition motorsports and advanced street driving. Features include 16-way damping force adjustability (combined compression and rebound), a mono-tube internal design, pillowball upper mounts, and EDFC compatibility. There are independent adjustments for ride-height and spring pre-load settings for increased suspension tuning. The new Mono Flex also includes TEIN's latest technological innovation, MSV system, which allows the driver to feel a greater difference in damping force adjustments. Designed and developed for consumers seeking aggressive handling on the street and at the track.