00-04 Toyota Celica Tokico Illumina Adjustable Rear Gas Shocks - BU2951

00-04 Toyota Celica Tokico Illumina Adjustable Rear Gas Shocks - BU2951
Item# TO-BU2951
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Product Description

Authentic Tokico Illumina Series Adjustable Shocks Kit:

00-04 Toyota Celica



* Brand new in the box, 100% authentic Tokico products.

* Five levels of simultaneous rebound and adjustments.

* Kit Includes : a pair of rear suspension shocks/struts.

* Improved : Traction, Stability, Steering Response, Cornering and Braking ability.

* Not actual picture*



Tokico Illumina Series Adjustable Shocks/Struts Absorbers Kit:

For the serious enthusiast, TOKICO offers five-position adjustable Illumina Series shocks and struts. Its sophisticated adjustment system was designed for tuning street suspensions, so you have the ability to set up your car's handling for a variety of driving environments.

Using TOKICO's Ilumina Adjuster, a simple click indicates your change to rid or handling balance. With a choice of five settings from the softest (#1) to maximum control (#5) the Illumina Series allows derivers to easily change the balance, overall handling, or ride quality for everything from daily driving to autocross or even drag racing with a simple turn of the adjuster at the stem top.

Internally, Illumina uses TOKICO's sophisticated multi-stage, variable aperture piston and valve system combined with a five-position bypass shutter-valve.

This valve system allows simultaneous rebound and compression damping adjustment.

A shutter-valve detente permits making easy adjustments, so that you can make quick changes and still know which setting you've chosen.