00-03 Nissan Maxima Tokico Front Shocks - HB3188/3189

00-03 Nissan Maxima Tokico Front Shocks - HB3188/3189
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Product Description

Authentic Tokico HP Series Shocks Kit:

00-01 Nissan 350Z


* Brand new in the box, 100% authentic Tokico products.

* Twin-tube, low-pressure design gives you more control and comfort.

* Kit Includes : a pair of front suspension shocks/struts.

* Improved : Traction, Stability, Steering Response, Cornering and Braking ability.

* Not actual picture*



Tokico HP Series Shocks/Struts Kit:

The Tokico HP Series, also known as the famous “Blue Shock”, continues Tokico’s tradition of excellence. These shocks provide superior handling and exceptional ride quality by utilizing Tokico’s unique piston and valve designs. Its unprecedented valving curves and velocity sensitive characteristics stabilize the suspension system, preventing excessive and even violent movement. By minimizing low speed damping force and greatly increasing damping at medium and high piston speeds, improved steering response, tire adhesion and handling can be obtained. Tokico HP Series shocks are perfect for those looking for the best in overall performance and ride quality.